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Spring 2018

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Spring issue of Hearing HealthCare News.

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Dennis Hampton, Ph.D.

Our Topics
  • Your Hearing Health Care Team.  Discussion of the roles of the hearing care provider, the person with hearing loss, and family members.  “There are millions of success stories—all due to the hearing health care team. 
  • Your Healthy Hearing Check-up.  The importance and benefits of regular check-ups.  We publish this recommendation annually, usually in the spring.    
  • Slow Down, You Talk Too Fast.  The challenge of understanding rapid speech, with suggestions for how to make it easier.  
  • The Many Benefits of Using Hearing Aids.  A short review of research documenting the many benefits provided by better hearing, including better family relationships, improved social life, less stress and depression and overall improvement in quality of life. 

Spring 2018

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Editor’s copy: This is what we’ll print in the custom copy area if we don’t receive copy from you by the deadline:

Believe It or Not . . .


Here are some things we DO NOT recommend you do with your hearing aids. These are true stories.


  • Do NOT put your hearing aids in the toaster oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to dry them out.  They will not survive the experience.
  • Do NOT put your hearing aids in the washing machine—although some have survived the experience.
  • Do NOT wrap your hearing aids in tissue paper and then accidentally flush them down the toilet.  Yes, this has happened.
  • Do NOT eat your hearing aids. Yes, this has happened.  A man put one of his hearing aids down next to a candy dish and wasn’t watching when he picked up what he thought was a little snack. He survived the experience. 
  • Do NOT feed your hearing aids to your dog.  Dogs are attracted to the smell of the acrylic in hearing aids and are happy to chew on them.  This makes for an expensive doggie treat. 

  (Closing as in last issue)